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pdf Aguilar etal

Quantifying valleys incision rates with low-temperature thermochronology in the flat slab subduction segment of the western Andes slope (29ºS)

pdf Aguilar etal

3D tectono-structural analysis of Cuyo Basin tectonic inversion and its implication for oil bearing systems

pdf Aguirre Urreta etal

The Neuquén Basin of west-central Argentina: an exceptional Andean setting in Mesozoic times

pdf Aleman Leon

The Río Cañete Basin: Implications for the Mesozoic geoynamic evolution of the Peruvian margin

pdf Almagor etal

Provenance analysis and radiometric dating of the Silante Formation; implications for the Miocene evolution of the Western Andes of Ecuador

pdf Angulo Beate

Temperature Distribution and Zoning of the Geothermal Gradient in the Oriente Basin, Ecuador

pdf Arróspide Aguilar

Origin and evolution of the great Coastal cliff in Parque Nacional Pan de Azucar, Northern Chile (~26°S): Insight from marine erosion modelling

pdf Avellaneda Jiménez etal

Early Cretaceous roll-back related metamorphism in the Northern Andes: Upper plate insights

pdf Barba Witt

Geochemistry of sedimentary rocks from the Progreso and Tumbes Basins: an approach to provenance and geodynamic evolution

pdf Bermúdez etal

Differential exhumation along the southern termination of the Bucaramanga fault discriminated by detrital and quantitative thermochronology

pdf Bermúdez etal

Deriving the complete history of eroded batholiths from magmatic cooling to exhumational cooling using multiple numerical models, Antioquia batholith in the Central Cordillera of Colombia case study

pdf Brichau etal

First time-constraints on Ecuadorian Coastal Cordillera uplift: Geodynamic implications

pdf Bulois etal

Active normal faulting along the compressional margin of the Santa Elena Peninsula region (Ecuador) : inheritance processes of extensional settings related to active orogens

pdf Bustamante etal

Permian to Jurassic record of subduction related extension and compression in the Central Cordillera of Colombia

pdf Chávez

Lithological and structural characterization in the section Atillo-Macas (Cordillera Real-Ecuador)

pdf Chavez etal

Provenance of the middle Jurassic-Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Arequipas basin (South Peru) and implication for the geodynamic evolution of the Central Andes

pdf Chávez etal

Provenance sedimentary from Arequipa – Tarapacá Basin, based on U-Pb detrital zircons, and Sm-Nd isotopes: implications for southwestern of Gondwana

pdf Derycke etal

Southern Patagonian foreland (~ 44 - 48° S) evolution: insight from low-temperature thermochronological approach

pdf Duarte etal

Provenance of the Caballos Formation in the Upper Magdalena Valley and Putumayo basin, Colombia: climatic and tectonic implications

pdf Encinas etal

Tectonosedimentary evolution of the Coastal Cordillera of south-central Chile during the Neogene