Keynote Speakers

Peter Molnar

Professor of geological sciences at University of Colorado, Boulder

His research focuses on how mountain ranges form and by studying the deformation of the continental lithosphere.

He was awarded by the prestigious Crafoord prize in 2014 "for his ground-breaking contribution to the understanding of global tectonics, in particular the deformation of continents and the structure and evolution of mountain ranges, as well as the impact of tectonic processes on ocean-atmosphere circulation and climate".

Suzanne M. Kay

Professor of geological sciences at Cornell University

Her research focuses on the applications of petrology and geochemistry to the origin and evolution of the continental crust, with particular emphasis on the relation of regional tectonics to magmatic processes at the Andean context.

She was recently awarded by distinguished career award from the Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, Volcanology division of the Geological Society of America.

Víctor A. Ramos

Emeritus Professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires

His research focus on the tectonic evolution of South America. In 2017, he was awarded by the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize “for his contributions to the understanding of the formation of the Andes and the crustal evolution of South America”.

Eric Calais

Professor of Geosciences at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, member of the French National Academy of Sciences, and Senior Fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France.

His research interests concern the kinematics and dynamics of active tectonic processes, using as a main tool space geodesy, in particular the Global Positioning System (GPS), and the mechanical modelling of lithospheric deformation. He has also been involved in applied seismic hazard studies.