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pdf Nocquet etal

Slow slip events along the Ecuador subduction zone: an overview

pdf Oliveros etal

Reappraisal of the Andean subduction initiation: trenchward arc migration during the Rhaetian in the SW Gondwana Margin

pdf Riquelme etal

Geomorphological and climatic constraints on the supergene processes in the Atacama Desert

pdf Roddaz etal

Provenance constraints on the Cretaceous-Cenozoic drainage evolution of the Amazon basin

pdf Sagripanti etal

On the occurrence of Quaternary upper-plate deformation in the Southern Central Andes (36°- 38°S): interaction between mantle dynamics and tectonics?

pdf Samaniego etal

The temporal evolution of the Ecuadorian volcanic arc during the last 1 Ma

pdf Spikings etal

The Permo-Triassic history of magmatic rocks of the Northern Andes (Colombia and Ecuador): supercontinent assembly and disassembly

pdf Suriano etal

Cenozoic synorogenic deposits in the Southern Central Andes: a key to understanding the causes and consequences of orogenic building

pdf Tassara etal

Connecting megathrust earthquake cycle, crustal deformation and volcanism along the Southern Andes