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pdf Agurto Detzel etal

Ridge subduction and afterslip control aftershock distribution of the 2016 Mw 7.8 Ecuador earthquake

pdf Alvarado etal

Características de la deformación cortical en el Ecuador

pdf Audemard M Mora Páez

Net northeast slip of the North Andes Sliver (NAS) along the Eastern Frontal Fault System (EFFS), northwestern South America (NW SA)

pdf Audin etal

Ten years of multidisciplinary approaches to unveil the crustal active tectonics in Ecuador

pdf Baby etal

Thrust tectonics, crustal thickening, hydrocarbon and ore deposits in northern Central Andes

pdf Bayona etal

Changes in relative motion between western oceanic plates and the NW corner of Southamerica: cases of Middle Jurassic and Middle Eocene

pdf Bechis etal

Tectonic evolution of the North Patagonian Andes, from the exhumed crystalline rocks to the foreland basin

pdf Beck etal

A tale of two modern flat slabs along the South America Convergent Margin

pdf Cardona etal

Clues on the Cenozoic orogenic growth of Southermost Colombian Andes

pdf Carrizo Fuentes

The role of the Interplay between deep and shallow crustal structures in the metallogenic architecture of Central Andes: renewing the paradigm

pdf Echaurren etal

Double-vergent orogenesis in north Patagonia: different mechanisms of Andean deformation

pdf Eguez etal

Potential mineral, zones and epochs involved in the metallogenic map of Ecuador

pdf Fennell etal

Eocene to modern topographic evolution of an Andean retroarc foreland basin (35°S) from stable isotope paleoaltimetry: implications for tectonic and geodynamic models

pdf Folguera etal

Review and update about the late Triassic to Jurassic tectonics through the transition zone between the southern Central and Patagonian Andes

pdf Giambiagi etal

Contemporary stress field, crustal deformation, exhumation and sedimentation during the building of the Central Andes over the last 20 my: Advances in the Central Andean Stress Field Evolution Project

pdf Gianni etal

Cretaceous orogeny, arc shifting and foreland dynamic subsidence linked to the Nalé flat-subduction event in Southern South America

pdf Hidalgo etal

Evolution of the 2015 Cotopaxi eruption revealed by combined geochemical & seismic observations

pdf León etal

Late Cenozoic chronology and tectonic evolution of the northern Colombian forearc basin: Insights from a multidisciplinary approach

pdf Monsalve etal

Is there a Nazca flat-slab beneath Northern Colombia? compilation of seismological evidence

pdf Mothes etal

Heterogeneous Post-Seismic Deformation 3 years after the 2016 Mw 7.8 Pedernales Earthquake, Ecuador