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pdf Piispa etal

Paleo- and rock-magnetic record of the Imbabura volcanic units: Implications for the tectonomagmatic evolution of the volcano and for the Earth's magnetic field at equatorial latitudes

pdf Proaño etal

New hazard map of Atacazo-Ninahuilca Volcanic Complex, Ecuador

pdf Pulido etal

Long-period events at Purace volcano, Colombia, generated by the interaction between magma and hydrothermal systems

pdf Ramon etal

Twenty years of the Tungurahua Volcano Observatory during the 1999-2016 eruptive period

pdf Rivera etal

The eruptive chronology of the Yucamane-Calientes compound volcano: a potentially active edifice of the Central Andes (Southern Peru)

pdf Ruiz etal

Changes in anisotropy directions at volcanoes in the Ecuadorean Andes

pdf Sainlot etal

Pb-Sr isotope temporal variations on juvenile ash samples from the last eruptive period of Tungurahua volcano (1999-2016)

pdf Salgado etal

New observations on the recent activity from Sumaco Volcano, based on geochronology, stratigraphy and geochemistry

pdf Santamaria etal

New groundmass K-Ar ages of Iliniza Volcano, Ecuador

pdf Solano etal

Source and emplacement conditions of a directed blast deposit at Huarmi Imbabura volcano, Ecuador

pdf Telenchana etal

Lithological units of Chiles Volcano

pdf Telenchana etal

The new potential volcanic hazard map of Guagua Pichincha Volcano, third edition 2019

pdf Urquizo etal

Chachimbiro PEC-1, first deep geothermal exploration well in Ecuador

pdf Vallejo Vargas etal

Thermal imaging, seismo-acoustic signals and SO2 degasification following a partial summit collapse at El Reventador volcano, Ecuador

pdf Valverde etal

Geology and petrogenesis of Pulumbura volcano (Western Cordillera, Ecuador)

pdf Vasconez etal

Magma output rates of Pululahua, the largest Ecuadorian dome complex

pdf Vásconez etal

High-rate thermal imaging systems in volcano surveillance: the case of El Reventador volcano (Ecuador)

pdf Vizuete etal

Geochronology, eruptive source parameters and dynamism of the "San Marcos" event at Nevado Cayambe Volcano, Ecuador

pdf Yaguana etal

Morphological changes of the crater in the Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador, from 2002 to 2016: Implications for volcanic hazards