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pdf Ancellin etal

Insights in Ecuadorian magma sources: from whole-rock geographical trends to single mineral isotope compositions

pdf Bastias etal

Triassic magmatism of Antarctic Peninsula and its implications for the southern Gondwanan margin: a revised tectonic evolution

pdf Cerrón

Nuevos datos e interpretación de las rocas volcánicas “Basalto Montero”, Sur del Domo de Yauli, Junín – Perú

pdf Chavarría etal

Geobarometry of the Jurassic plutonic rocks of the Central Cordillera of Colombia: tracking changes of crustal thickness in the Northern Andes

pdf Contreras

Interaction between volcanic activity, coeval shear failure and epithermal ore deposit formation in the Paleocene-Eocene Belt, northern Chile (23-26°Lat.S)

pdf Fernández Paz etal

Variable magmatic features of Oligocene-early Miocene Patagonian magmatism as result of subduction-induced mantle dynamics

pdf Guerrero

Cinturones metalogénicos en base a principales yacimientos metalíferos del Ecuador

pdf Iannelli etal

The passage of the Farallon-Aluk spreading ridge along the Andean margin

pdf Iglesias etal

Petrogenesis and evolution of the Altar volcano deposits (Ecuador)

pdf Jaldin etal

Neogene activity of the Barrancas Bancas Fault and its relationship with Hydrothermal and volcanic activity

pdf Jaldín etal

There was a tectonomagmatic cycle during the Miocene which controlled the volcanism and a local collapse of the western Puna (24,5º-26,5ºS)?

pdf Llano Montenegro etal

Cretaceous flux-driven anatexis in the Colombian Central Cordillera

pdf Luengo etal

The diachronous onset of the magmatic stages during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic in the Andean forearc at 24-27ºS

pdf Macías Mosquera etal

Age, geochemistry and emplacement of the Pascuales plutons in western Ecuador and their geodynamic implications

pdf Mamani Jacay

New evidences of Triasic – Jurasic volcanism in the north of Lima, Perú

pdf Marín Cerón etal

Late northern Andean Cenozoic to recent magmatism: A geochronological, petrographical and geochemical review

pdf Narvaez etal

Olivine-hosted melt inclusion compositions support subducting slab melting under Ecuadorian volcanoes

pdf Nauret etal

Lower crustal vs. mantle wedge fingerprint in the Ecuadorian arc magmas: Contribution of Pb isotopes from the Cotopaxi volcano

pdf Piedrahita etal

Magnetic fabric, petrography and timing of exhumation of the Palmitas protomylonictic granite, Colombian Northern Andes

pdf Restrepo etal

Granitic intrusive rocks in southern Colombia: missing link of the north Andean Jurassic magmatic belt