folder Andean Structure


pdf Araujo etal

Seismic tomography of the continental wedge and geometry of Nazca slab beneath Ecuador

pdf Assunção Sacek

Nazca plate buoyancy and mantle convection under the Pantanal Basin

pdf Ben Mansour

Interaction between volcanisms inland and the spreading center: example of Galápagos archipelago

pdf Bianchi etal

Effect of the Cold Nazca Slab on the Depth of the 660-km Discontinuity in South America

pdf Condori etal

Upper crustal velocity structure beneath Northern Peruvian Andes from ambient noise tomography

pdf Díaz etal

Geophysical imaging of the Chilean subduction zone beneath the Antofagasta region

pdf Habel etal

Unraveling the contribution of the west mountain front to Andean mountain-building in North Chile (20°S)

pdf Muñoz


pdf Ramírez etal

Development of a new crustal thickness map of Venezuela based on seismological and gravimetric data

pdf Rivadeneyra Vera Bianchi

A narrower belt of sub-Andean thin crust constrained by new measurements of crustal thickness in the central part of South America

pdf Rodríguez etal

Mantle Dynamics of the Andean Subduction Zone from Teleseismic S-Wave Tomography

pdf Sallarès etal

The complexity of the NE Ecuador subduction megathrust system revealed by joint 3D inversion of refraction and interplate reflection travel-times

pdf Sánchez Rojas

Variations of the crustal structure of Merida Andes - Venezuela, observations from gravity data analysis and modeling

pdf Valette etal

Geometry of Moho, crustal seismicity and volcanic reservoir beneath Ecuador

pdf Yegres

2-D modelling of the Crustal structure of Merida Andes - Venezuela, from wide angle seismic and gravity studies