folder Active Tectonics & Deformation


pdf Aguirre etal

Active faulting, paleoseismology and seismic hazard in forearc of southern Peru: First evidence of a crustal earthquake in the 19th century

pdf Albornoz etal

Structural model of the basement and its relationship with the Holocene activity of Antuco Volcano, Biobío Region, Chile.

pdf Astort etal

Domuyo deformation source from InSAR and Gravimetric data

pdf Astudillo etal

Holocene deformation along the Liquiñe – Ofqui Fault Zone, southern Chile: Field observations, tephrochronological correlations and geomorphic analysis

pdf Baize etal

New data on active tectonics and earthquake geology of the Pallatanga Fault, Central Andes of Ecuador

pdf Cabello Tassara

Basement structure underneath the sourthern volcanic zone of the Andes: Linking tectonics and volcanism

pdf Cabré etal

Contribution of coherence-loss InSAR time series to map erosion in arid catchments of the Atacama Desert

pdf Cisneros etal

Subduction versus crustal tectonics: impact on southern Ecuadorian margin uplift -quantification of uplift rates and modelling of marine terraces

pdf Collot etal

The Esmeraldas Canyon: a helpful marker of the Pliocene-Pleistocene tectonic deformation of the north Ecuador southwest Colombia convergent margin

pdf Combey etal

Archaeoseismology in the Inka Sacred Valley and in the Cuzco region, an interdisciplinary approach for past seismic impacts characterization on Cultural Heritage as a new marker for paleoevents?

pdf Delgado etal

What are the main factors that trigger the giant-landslides in the Peruvian western Andes? The Aricota giant-landslide case study

pdf Espín Bedón etal

Deformation monitoring from Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (INSAR) Sentinel data in Quito, Ecuador

pdf Garcia etal

Current crustal deformation in the Southern Andes from GPS: Active tectonics ans volcanism associated to the seismic cycle

pdf García etal

Impact of a paleo-earthquake and debris flow in Pikillaqta collapse, Cusco-Perú

pdf Gérard etal

Differential exhumation driven by Tectonic processes in the Abancay deflection (Peruvian Andes)

pdf Guerra etal

Geometry and kinematics of the shallow northern segment of the Quito Fault System

pdf Gutierrez etal

New tectonic evidence of the 1955 Cotacachi earthquake (Mw 6)

pdf Guzman etal

Geomorphology of alluvial terraces along the Tena River in the Eastern Flank of the Andes of Ecuador

pdf Guzman etal

Chronological and geomorphological evolution of the fluvial terraces in the South Andean flank of Venezuela Andes. Climate and tectonic implications

pdf Jacay

Geological aspects of paleoseismisity and archeoseismology in the Rimac Valley, Lima-Perú