As usual for this conference, we are planning a “plenary session” during the morning of the three days of the symposium, whereas the afternoon will be devoted to oral presentations in two simultaneous “thematic sessions”. The poster's presentations will take place at the end of each day. In addition, four 45-min-long Keynote talks are scheduled and covers different aspect of the Andean geology. The organizing committee kindly thank Ms. S. Mahlburg Kay, and M. P. Molnar, V.A. Ramos and E. Calais for accepting to give a keynote talk during the next ISAG.

We kindly ask you to check the ISAG webpage ( in order to access the full programme and other additional information.

We also invite you to check the accepted abstracts at the following link: 


8th ISAG Schedule

8th ISAG Schedule

We received more than 250 abstracts for the 8th ISAG. The organizing committee distributed the oral and poster presentations based in the author’s preference as well as in the abstract’s contents. The accepted abstract concern most aspects of Andean geodynamics. Some editing was performed by the Organising Committee, however, we would underline the fact that authors are responsible for the quality of their abstract. The final distribution has been revised and accepted by the ISAG scientific advisory board. Final instructions and updates will be e-mailed to registered participants a few weeks before beginning of the symposium and posted on the ISAG webpage (


Plenary session

The Organizing committee choose a group of abstract to be presented as oral communications during the morning’s Plenary talks. These abstracts were selected following different criteria such as their broad implications on Andean geodynamics, as well as trying to respect a regional equilibrium.

Thematic Sessions

Based on the received abstract, the organizing committee organize them in several thematic sessions that include:

(1) Andean structure imaged by geophysical studies
(2) Tectonics and Basins
(3) Andean magmatism
(4) Active tectonics and deformation
(5) Seismology
(6) Andean volcanism.

Oral and poster presentations

Talks will last 12 minutes each and will be followed by 3 minutes of discussion. For oral and poster sessions, the preferred language is English, although Spanish is also accepted. However, there will be no facilities for simultaneous translation. We request that your presentation will be uploaded in two formats (pptx and pdf) the previous day of the talk. The organizing committee will install a technical desk close to the conference rooms.

In order to prepare the final program and avoid the potential “no-shows”, we kindly ask that the authors to check the tentative program, and report to us in the case that you cannot attend the meeting.

There will be a poster session each day (from 17h00 until 18h30). Posters will remain on display all day long. Maximum dimensions for posters are 80 cm in width (horizontal) and 110 cm in height (vertical). Poster orientation is portrait. Each poster will be numbered (please see the final programme) and must be hung at its corresponding place at 8:30 in the morning of the day planned for it.


8th ISAG

Photo by B. Bernard.